VMI Benefits


Shorter Lead Times


Lower Cost of Inventory


Reduced Administration Cost


Fewer Out-of-Stock Notices


Reduced Costs from Higher Runs

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our Vendor Managed Inventory services sets TML Silicone apart from our competition. Our demand-driven approach incorporates forecasted requirements along with current inventory levels to project future requirements. Once a product is produced at our manufacturing facilities, it is sent to our St. Louis warehouse. From this centralized location, we utilize a customer’s forecasting and planning tools to ship directly to specified destinations, meeting our customer’s demands with steady inventory.

From concept to production to distribution, our goal is to provide the right solution for your product needs while delivering the highest quality customer service possible..

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Mission Statement

“TML Silicone’s mission is to be a leading manufacturer of high quality and high -performance silicone products while optimizing how customers manage their product inventory by providing demand driver reordering and distribution systems .”

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