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Our 25 years of experience of producing products in China, makes us a very valuable asset for companies seeking China manufacturing. Our expertise allows us to assist with many of the Chinese “Best Practices” when forming a China strategy for manufacturing, importing, and exporting. Our consulting services offer many companies a better understanding of how the whole manufacturing process works, thus saving time and money while providing a quality product.

Having an experienced Chinese staff located in our U.S. owned Xiamen office, allows us to have first-hand reports on every stage of the manufacturing process. Our staff can provide on-site surveys and full comprehensive reports to assist in our company’s decision on vendor evaluation and selection.

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“TML ~ MFG’s mission is to be the best strategic manufacturing partner to customers in need of high quality, proprietary products. From concept to production, our goal is to provide the optimal solution for your product needs while delivering the highest quality customer service possible.”

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