Plastics | Rubber & Silicone | Electro-Mechanical Assembly

We excel in high-precision plastic injection and extrusion molding, specialized rubber and silicone products, and comprehensive electro-mechanical assembly solutions, offering end-to-end services from concept to mass production.

Unlocking Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

TML Manufacturing stands as a beacon of specialized manufacturing capabilities across multiple domains.

In the field of plastics, we are leaders in high-precision injection molding, capable of producing components with the most stringent tolerances. Our state-of-the-art machinery allows for a broad range of techniques, including Insert and two material molding. We can accommodate the most complex requirements, whether they are large-scale production runs or intricate electrical components.

On the electro-mechanical assembly front, we employ cutting-edge technology and automation to offer a range of services from component sourcing to precision assembly and rigorous testing. Catering to diverse industries, our product offerings include thermostats, circuit protection devices, and industrial lighting, signifying our commitment to quality and scalability.

For rubber and silicone, we focus on high-quality, food-grade, and high-temperature materials, sourced from premier suppliers worldwide. With a myriad of products ranging from grommets and hoses to precision-molded parts, we strive to meet the highest quality standards across all operations.


Our Capabilities


We offer high-precision, full service, plastic injection molding taking your concept to mass production. Whether you require intricate, high-tolerance components or large-scale production runs, we have the capabilities and flexibility to accommodate your specific needs. 

Capabilities Include: 

  • Injection Molding:  Our precision injection molding capabilities allow us to produce intricate plastic parts with high tolerances. We work with a variety of thermoplastic materials to meet your requirements.
  • Extrusion: We excel in plastic extrusion processes, enabling us to create custom profile tubes and profiles  for various applications.
  • Insert Molding: We specialize in complex electrical products with a variety of contacts and brass inserts.
  • Two Material Molding: Our state of the art molding machines can handle two material applications allowing us to develop larger assortment of products.

Rubber & Silicone

TML~MFG specializes in food grade, high-temperature, and liquid silicone products sourced from the world’s leading suppliers in the United States, Germany, and Japan.

Materials: NBR, SBR, EDPM, TPE, LSM, and Hypalon 

Processes: Molding, die cut, and extrusion

Capabilities Include:

  • A wide range of thermoset polymers
  • Annual volume flexibility
  • Clean room certified
  • A wide range of applications including grommets, precision molding, hoses, etc. 
  • Diversity in part size
  • Compression, Extrusion, injection, and LSM molding technologies 
  • Insert molding
  • Value-added operations: Assembly, testing, material selection etc.


Electro-Mechanical Assembly

As a premier provider of  electro-mechanical assembly, our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest technology and automation that meet the diverse needs of our clients and their various industries.

Our electro-mechanical assembly expertise  includes customized solutions, component sourcing, precision assembly, testing, quality assurance  and scalability. 

Produced Products Include: 

  • Thermostats and Circuit Protection Devices
  • A/C Disconnects and NEMA Electrical Enclosures 
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Industrial Plugs and Sockets
  • PTC Heaters

Our Products

Plastics | Rubber & Silicone | Electro-Mechanical Assembly


TML Manufacturing takes pride in offering a wide array of specialized products designed to meet diverse needs across industries.

In the realm of Plastics, we produce intricate components suitable for complex electrical items and large-scale production runs.

In Rubber & Silicone, our offerings encompass a variety of applications, from grommets and hoses to precision-molded parts, all produced to the highest quality standards and sourced from leading global suppliers.

For Electro-Mechanical Assembly, our expertise is demonstrated in our range of products, which include thermostats, circuit protection devices, industrial lighting, A/C Disconnects, and NEMA Electrical Enclosures.

“My 30+ years experience tells me that reliability is our customers’ number one concern. Planning, automation, tooling, delivery and response are critical for customer satisfaction!”

– JD McQuillan

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