Transforming Ideas Into Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions: Your Global Strategic Manufacturing Partner for Over 30 Years

Who We Are:

TML Manufacturing is your trusted global strategic manufacturing partner. We are a leading OEM supplier specializing in a diverse range of high-quality manufacturing processes including rubber, silicone, plastics, and assemblies. Our 30+ years of expertise and dedication to innovation has made us a cornerstone in the industry, serving a wide range of clients across various industries. 

We are dedicated to turning your ideas into reality through our comprehensive range of services that include product development, engineering, design, consulting, rapid prototyping, and more. We take pride in our ability to deliver innovative solutions, cost-effective manufacturing processes, and unmatched expertise.

At TML Manufacturing, we don’t just manufacture products, we craft solutions that drive success and growth. Your success is our priority, and we are here to make it happen!


We are a United States owned business, with our headquarters and main warehouse centrally located in St. Louis Missouri. 

Additionally, we have owned operations and factories in China and Mexico

Our strategic global locations allow us to provide the  most competitive pricing and lead times in the market providing the highest customer satisfaction.


  • HVAC / Refrigeration
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Electrical
  • Food / Beverage
  • Automotive / Transportation
  • Medical Devices

Why TML Manufacturing?


Quality and Reliability

We excel in producing high quality components and products that meet strict industry standards and specifications. Our customers rely on our consistent quality and reliability to ensure performance and longevity of their own products.

Inventory Management / Just In Time Delivery 

Our centrally located US warehouse delivers exactly what you need, when you need it, helping you optimize your own production process. With JIT, you experience significant savings in warehousing, carrying costs, and more leaving more resources available to other areas of your business. 

Customization and Tailoring

We have the capability to customize our offerings to meet your specific needs and requirements including adjustments in design, materials, dimensions, finishes, and more. This will ensure a seamless integration into your final product 

Long-term Partnerships 

We aim to establish long -term partnerships with our customers, fostering trust and collaboration. Our continued work together transpires into ongoing product improvement, cost reduction and mutual success.

Expertise and Specialization 

Through specialization, we have become an experts in our respective fields. Our team invests in research and development, stays up-to-date on the latest  technological advancements, and has a deep understanding of materials and processes allowing us to be a valuable resource for our customers.

Cost Optimization 

Our lean manufacturing processes, global presence of our warehouses and factories, and specialization allow us to provide the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Contact Us

TML-MFG Headquarters:

687 Trade Center Blvd. Suite 100
Chesterfield, MO 63005

(636) 391-0078